Developmental Psychology

The study of all aspects of human development, with emphasis on social and personality development, perceptual development, and language acquisition. Research in this area also includes the study of developmental psychopathology.

  • Mark Appelbaum

    Mark Appelbaum

    Emeritus Professor
    * Is not accepting new graduate students.

    Quantitative approaches for the analysis of growth and change.

  • David Barner

    David Barner

    Language acquisition, conceptual development, number representation.
  • Sandra Brown

    Sandra Brown

    Alcohol and drug abuse across the life span.
  • Leslie Carver

    Leslie Carver

    Brain basis of cognitive and social development.
  • Karen Dobkins

    Karen Dobkins

    Infant and adult psychophysics, visual development and plasticity.
  • Gail Heyman

    Gail Heyman

    Social cognition, social and cultural influences on development.
  • Adena Schachner

    Adena Schachner

    Social cognition, cognitive development, causal inference, mental state inference, music cognition.
  • Laura Schreibman

    Laura Schreibman

    Emeritus Distinguished Professor
    * Is not accepting new graduate students.

    Behavior modification, infantile autism, applied behavior analysis.

  • Caren Walker

    Caren Walker

    Cognitive development, causal inference, abstract reasoning, concept acquisition, imagination.