Behavior Analysis Concentration

Behavior Analysis is based on the principles of Pavlovian and operant conditioning, and other aspects of contemporary associative learning theory. It also includes the application of reinforcement principles and other behavior modification techniques in applied settings (applied behavior analysis).

Psyc 109 Lab/Applied Behavior Analysis

Psyc 120* Learning and Motivation

Psyc 121* Lab/Operant Psychology

Psyc 132 Hormones & Behavior

Psyc 134 Eating Disorders

Psyc 135 Animal Behavior

Psyc 140* Lab/Human Behavior

Psyc 143 Control & Analysis of Human Behavior

Psyc 154 Behavior Modification

Psyc 168 Psychological Disorders of Childhood

Psyc 171 Neurobiology Learning and Memory

Psyc 184 Choice and Self Control

Psyc 188 Impulse Control Disorders

Psyc 199** Independent studies in this field - must culminate in a research paper approved by the advisor to fulfill lab requirement.

*to be taken concurrently
**199 courses do not count as one of the 12 upper division Psychology courses towards the major