Cognitive Psychology & Cognitive Neuropsychology Concentration

Cognitive Psychology is the study of the areas of reasoning, thinking language, judgment and decision making in adults and children (including attention, memory, and visual and auditory information processing).

Cognitive Neuropsychology is the study of cognitive processes and their implementation in the brain. Cognitive neuroscientists use methods drawn from brain damage, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, functional neuro-imaging, and computer modeling.

Psyc 108 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

Psyc 114 Lab/Psychophysical Perspectives on the Social Mind

Psyc 115 Lab/Cognitive Psychology

Psyc 118A&B Lab/Language Processing

Psyc 119 Lab/Psycholinguistics

Psyc 123 Cognitive Control and Frontal Lobe Function

Psyc 128 Psychology of Reading

Psyc 129 Logic of Perception

Psyc 137 Social Cognition

Psyc 141 Evolution & Human Nature

Psyc 142 Psychology of Consciousness

Psyc 144 Memory & Amnesia

Psyc 145 Psychology of Language

Psyc 146 Language and Conceptual Development

Psyc 148 Psychology of Judgment & Decision

Psyc 150 Cognitive Neuroscience of Vision

Psyc 152 Concepts of Intelligence

Psyc 156 Cognitive Development in Infancy

Psyc 161 Introduction to Engineering Psychology

Psyc 170 Introduction to Cognitive Neuropsychology

Psyc 171 Neurobiology Learning and Memory

Psyc 176 Creativity

Psyc 187 Development in Social Cognition

Psyc 191 Psychology of Sleep

Psyc 199** Independent studies in this field - must culminate in a research paper approved by the advisor to fulfill lab requirement.

**199 courses do not count as one of the 12 upper division Psychology courses towards the major