Neuroscience & Behavior Concentration

This is the study of how the nervous system mediates behavioral effects in the realms of motivation, perception, learning and memory, and attention. It also includes the study of human neurophysiology and aphasia.

Psyc 107 Lab/Substance Abuse Research

Psyc 114 Lab/Psychophysical Perspectives on the Social Mind

Psyc 123 Cognitive Control and Frontal Lobe Function

Psyc 125 Clinical Neuropsychology and Assessment

Psyc 129 Logic of Perception

Psyc 132 Hormones and Behavior

Psyc 133 Circadian Rhythms - Biological Clocks

Psyc 134 Eating Disorders

Psyc 135 Animal Behavior

Psyc 147 Gender

Psyc 150 Cognitive Neuroscience of Vision

Psyc 159 Physiological Basis of Perception;

Psyc 169 Brain Damage & Mental Function

Psyc 170 Introduction to Cognitive Neuropsychology;

Psyc 171 Neurobiology Learning and Memory

Psyc 179 Drugs, Addiction, and Mental Disorders

Psyc 181 Drugs and Behavior

Psyc 188 Impulse Control Behaviors

Psyc 189 Brain, Behavior, and Evolution

Psyc 190 Parenting

Psyc 199** Independent studies in this field - must culminate in a research paper approved by the advisor to fulfill lab requirement.

**199 courses do not count as one of the 12 upper division Psychology courses towards the major