Sensation and Perception Concentration

This area studies how our sense organs and brain make it possible for us to construct our consciously experienced representation of the environment. Experiments using stimuli and computer control can be used to test models of sensory or perceptual processes. Processes of particular interest include color vision, motion perception, and auditory illusions and paradox.

Psyc 125 Clinical Neuropsychology and Assessment

Psyc 128 Psychology of Reading

Psyc 129 Logic of Perception

Psyc 138 Sound and Music Perception

Psyc 150 Cognitive Neuroscience of Vision

Psyc 159 Physiological Basis of Perception

Psyc 169 Brain Damage and Mental Functions

Psyc 182 Illusions & the Brain

Psyc 199** Independent studies in this field - must culminate in a research paper approved by the advisor to fulfill lab requirement.

**199 courses do not count as one of the 12 upper division Psychology courses towards the major