Social Psychology Concentration

This is the study of human behavior in social situations, with specialization in such topics as emotion, aggression, social cognition, and aesthetics. It also encompasses applied social psychology, including psychology and the law and behavioral medicine.

Psyc 114 Lab/Psychophysical Perspectives on the Social Mind

Psyc 127 Applied Social Psychology

Psyc 130 Delay of Gratification

Psyc 135 Animal Behavior

Psyc 137 Social Cognition

Psyc 139 Social Psychology of Sports

Psyc 141 Evolution & Human Nature

Psyc 147 Gender

Psyc 149 Social Psychology of Theater

Psyc 152 Concepts of Intelligence

Psyc 153 Psychology of Emotion

Psyc 155 Social Psychology and Medicine

Psyc 157 Happiness

Psyc 158 Interpersonal Relationships

Psyc 160 Groups

Psyc 162 Psychology and the Law

Psyc 164 Criminology

Psyc 172 Human Sexuality

Psyc 175 Psychology and the Arts

Psyc 176 Creativity

Psyc 178 Organizational Psychology

Psyc 186 Psychology and Social Policy

Psyc 187 The Development of Social Cognition

Psyc 190 Parenting

Psyc 199** Independent studies in this field - must culminate in a research paper approved by the advisor to fulfill lab requirement.

**199 courses do not count as one of the 12 upper division Psychology courses towards the major