Kids Time


Congratulations to Steven Pan who will be participating in the ComSciCon June 2015 workshop! ComSciCon is an extremely competitive workshop focused on developing science communication skills.

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Kids Time

Time out!

New research by graduate student Katharine Tillman finds that children use words like "second" and "minute" years before they understand them.

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Katherine Meltzoff-Stavropolous

Jean Fort and INSAR Dissertation Awards

Katherine Meltzoff-Stavropolous, has been awarded the 2015 Jean Fort Dissertation Prize and a 2015 INSAR Outstanding Dissertation Award. Katherine is a former UCSD graduate student and will be an Assistant Professor at UC, Riverside.

The Jean Fort Dissertation Prize is awarded annually to individuals whose research has met the highest standards of academic excellence and may make a significant contribution on an issue of humanitarian or public concern.

The International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) supports basic science discoveries and service delivery initiatives for ASD, as well as global perspectives on ASD. Click here for more details.

Laura Schreibman

Lifetime achievement award

Laura Schreibman, Emeritus Distinguished Professor, has been awarded the 2015 INSAR Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding contribution to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) research and services.

The International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) supports basic science discoveries and service delivery initiatives for ASD, as well as global perspectives on ASD. Click here for more details.

Stress calories

Counting calories

Does counting calories impair cognitive ability? Men's Health reports preliminary work from Aimee Chabot and Chris Bryan.

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Auditory illusions

You hear mango but I hear bueno? The BBC reports work from Diana Deustch about musical and auditory illusions in our lives.

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Marmoset conversations

A new study from Dr. Cory Miller examines how baby marmosets learn not to interrupt each other, an essential skill for the development of language.

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Jess Sullivan

Glushko Dissertation Prize

Congratulations to Jess Sullivan for receiving the Glushko Dissertation Prize from the Cognitive Science Society and the Glushko-Samuelson Foundation! Jess was a graduate student with Dave Barner and is now an assistant professor at Skidmore College.

Dave Barner

Class stereotypes

A new study by Dr. David Barner reports that children's attitudes toward social class affect whether they think their own intellectual aptitude and personality traits are malleable or set in stone.

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John Serences

John Serences VSS Young Investigator Award

Congratulations to John Serences, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of California, San Diego, who is the winner of the 2015 Elsevier/VSS Young Investigator Award!

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Keith Rayner

Keith Rayner

With deep sadness, we announce the passing of Distinguished Professor Keith Rayner, Atkinson Family Chair of Psychology at UC San Diego. Keith was the world’s leading expert in the study of the cognitive mechanisms underlying the ability to read in children and adults. Keith left a deep mark on his colleagues in his discipline, as well as the dozens of students and scholars he has mentored throughout the world across his forty-year career.

Keith's full obituary is located here.

Aimee Chabot

NSF Veteran

Aimee Chabot attended an event at the NSF headquarters, honoring her military service and scientific achievements. See more details here.


Department Highlights

  • Experimental Design

    Exploring Experimental Design

    Have you ever thought about what it takes to design a successful experiment? How do you know that you’re asking the right questions? Students from Gail Heyman’s Topics in Learning Science class are here to help! Their short film is designed to guide students new to the idea of experimental design through the basics of the scientific method.

  • Lying

    Lying, Cheating Kids

    A new study by Chelsea Hays and Dr. Leslie Carver finds that children who have been lied to are more likely to lie and cheat themselves. Read more on NBC San Diego.

  • Huffington Post

    Health Guilt

    Research by Nicole Henniger, Dr. Ryan Darby, and Dr. Chris Harris reveals that emotional experiences during patient-physician interactions are crucial in determining how individuals make subsequent medical decisions. Huffington Post covers the story.